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Manage Service Window

This Command line tool lets the user to manage the service window of send port and receive location. This tool allows the user to list all the service window, enable/ disable and set the service window.


BTSetSW.exe <-RL | -SP > <receiveLocationName| Send Port> <-l | <-s:<startTime> -e:<endTime> | -d | -q> >

  • -RL : To Set Service Window for Receive Location
  • -SP : To set the service window of the primary transport for the send port
  • -l : List all RL with service windows
  • startTime : Service window start time(eg: 09:00)
  • endTime : Service window end time (eg: 23:00)
  • -d : Disable service window"
  • -e : Enable service window
  • -q : Query current service window
  • Eg:Setting SendPort : BTSetSW.exe -SP SendPortName -s:09:00 -e:21:00

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